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The Minotaur

Episode 113
Feb. 5, 2000
Steve Feke, Writer
Brendan Maher, Director

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DarDaniel Goddard
TaoJackson Raine
The SorceressMonika Schnarre
The Ancient OneGrahame Bond
King ZadSteven Grives
BahaSimon Westaway
MeloraAngela Keeps
Ishmael Puven Pather
MinotaurSam Scott
The Minoans capture Tao (Jackson Raine) as a sacrifice to King Zad's (Steven Grives) minotaur, a gift from the Ancient One (Grahame Bond).  Dar (Daniel Goddard) reluctantly accepts help from the Sorceress (Monika Schnarre) to rescue Tao.

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