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Disclaimer: The characters and story are based on the series BeastMaster  are property of Tribune Entertainment Company. There is no intent to infringe on their rights, this is only for pure enjoyment.

Memories Lost
by Laurie Allen

Part 5 (Epilogue)

"So tell me what it's like being stuck inside another body." Fascinated with the soul swapping adventure, Tao zealously awaited Dar's answer now that they were safely back at the sanctuary.

Dar turned around and walked closer to where Tao was sitting. He sat beside him. "Tao, inside, I didn't feel any different, even when I thought to myself or spoke in my mind with the animals. It was every time I spoke aloud, hearing Zad's voice, I was reminded of whose body I was trapped inside. His body--different aches and pains that I had to get used to, but what made me more conscious of being inside his body was the way others looked at me. The looks of hatred bothered me the most. Can't Zad see that? Doesn't it bother him?"

"His mind sees differently than yours. I wonder if Zad learned anything while being inside you…" Tao smiled, glad to have his friend back to normal.

"With you as his only contact…" Dar paused and smiled at his friend. "Tao, even if he did, I’m sure in his anger he'll forget. The mess I left his camp in with the slaves free and his men up in arms…he'll have enough to contend with." Dar's smile turned to one of worry.

Tao wondered why the transformation and then a familiar clap of thunder resonated. He turned to see Curupira entering the camp.

"Beastmaster, I presume everything's back to the way it should be," she said as she moved to stand in front of the two men now rising to their feet.

"Thank you, Curupira. Sharak said it was you who found the way to get me back into my own body." Dar bowed his head in thanks.

Devouring every bit of his humbleness, Curupira slithered between the two and encircled Tao. "You did as I asked, and for that, I am pleased. You pick your friends well, Beastmaster." Dar's sidekick glowed with the compliment and she smiled pleasingly at him. Curupira now faced Dar. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

Taken aback by the question, Dar raised his eyebrows. "What?"

"It's a simple question? What don't you understand?" she spat. Her eyes squinted as her nose scrunched up in anger.

From experience, Dar knew how to tame the wildest of beasts. Would he be able to tame the demon before him? "Curupira, in my eyes you are beautiful."

Her clenched teeth relaxed and formed an enormous smile. "Really?" With a slight nod from the Beastmaster, Curupira stood proud, pleased with herself. She looked to Tao who was also nodding his head in agreement…mostly from fear and respect she surmised. Satisfied she'd gotten the answer she sought, Curupira twirled around and left the two men standing with their mouths agape.

As soon as the forest demon vanished into the jungle, Dar turned to his friend. "What's all that about?"

Tao couldn't hold it in any longer…remembering how Zad had called her a pretty sprite. His laughter drowned out Dar's repeated question of "What?"

~ The End ~

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