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BeastWatcher's Fanfic Descriptions:

The Last Sula ] Memories Lost ] Sea of Change ] Showers of Fortune ] Venom ] Sea Demon Teaser ]

The "BeastMaster Virtual Season 4"; continuing adventures of Dar and Tao by some of our very best fan fiction writers!
Check out the VS web site for details.  You can also read my stories here.  (below)

If you enjoy reading  my fanfic, check out my novel that my sister and I wrote together under the name, Devin Lee Carlson.  It's a horror/thriller!

Season 1:

Memories Lost Rated: PG
Dar loses his memory...the Sorceress helps him get it back in return for a small favor, but he refuses.  What price will Dar pay for his unwillingness to help her?

The Last Sula Rated: PG13
Is Dar truly the last Sula?  Zad doesn't think so.

Showers of Fortune Rated: PG
Dar and Tao are trapped in stormy weather created by the Sorceress
A BeastMaster Series Mailing List Fanfic challenge

Season 2:

A Solemn Solstice Rated: PG
What would life be like had Tao never met Dar
A BeastMaster Series Mailing List Fanfic challenge

Venom Rated: PG
Iara plots to win Dar's heart by having her pet snake infect Tao, but her sting backfires.  

Season 3:
Sea of Change Rated: PG
A BeastMaster Series Mailing List Fanfic challenge

Virtual Season 4:
Sea Demon Rated: PG
A stand alone episode which finds Tao abducted by a demon of the sea and the Beastmaster seeking ways to save his friend.

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